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This page provides information on the traffic management that will be on the road network at any time during the construction period. Monthly plans will be provided for the next six months on a rolling programme, thereafter they will be provided on a six-monthly basis.

Construction programmes are subject to change due to various factors such as weather and unforeseen circumstances so the plans will be updated regularly to reflect actual progress. Please review as may be appropriate for your needs.

On the day of travel please refer to the website below for travel updates.

Real-Time traffic information on the English Motorway Network – is the largest single source of local roadworks information in the UK.

Diversion routes

Whattan Road & Kegworth Road - Closure13/11/2017PDF
Footpath closure – A50 PDF
Church Street Closure02/10/2017PDF
Church Street Junction - Closure Update PDF
Ashby Road Diversion Route PDF
Finger Farm Diversion Routes PDF
Main Street Lockington PDF

Traffic Management

Key Plan PDF
November 2017 - Day05/09/2017PDF
November 2017 - Night05/09/2017PDF
November 2017 - Kegworth Bypass03/11/2017PDF
December 201705/09/2017PDF
December 2017 - Kegworth Bypass31/10/2017PDF
January 201805/09/2017PDF
January 2018 - Kegworth Bypass31/10/2017PDF
February 201805/09/2017PDF
February 2018 - Kegworth Bypass25/09/2017PDF
March 201809/10/2017PDF
April 201810/11/2017PDF
March - October 2018 - Kegworth Bypass31/10/2017PDF
March - June 2018 - Night09/10/2017PDF
May - December 201810/11/2017PDF
January - June 201927/07/2017PDF